Preparing for the Zilliqa Royale public testnet

5 September 2021
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After weeks of work on the Zilliqa <> Minecraft interface we can finally show off $BLOX’s first proof-of-concept in the public Zilliqa Royale testnet on September the 15th. The testnet will allow players access to both the Minecraft server and dashboard. Some of the most exciting features are;

Account linking
Real-time tokenization
in-game lootbox reward tokenization to NFTs
marketplace buying and selling of cosmetics (NFTs)

We currently estimate the testnet to take place for 7 days, after which we will release a feedback form for players to share their opinion and or bugs found. We currently target a mainnet release on the 1st of October, after which we will start working full-time on the $BLOX Unity bridge.

The goal of the ZilliqaRoyale testnet is to gather feedback both regarding the blockchain implementation user-experience and ease-of-use of the marketplace in combination with in-game cosmetics.

More details regarding how to participate and join on the Minecraft server will be released on launchday around 12:00 CEST.