ZilliqaRoyale Mainnet Release

04 October 2021
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It's finally here, the ZilliqaRoyale mainnet server has been launched! Having started as a proof-of-concept, ZilliqaRoyale truly shows what a BLOX integration can do being the the first blockchain powered battle royale game running on Minecraft.

This huge milestone marks the start of the BLOX-SDK project, allowing us to really start focussing on releasing a public software development kit for the Minecraft BLOX integration, and developing the Unity play-to-earn demo.

For those unfamiliar with ZilliqaRoyale, here is a summary of what makes it unique;

Linking blockchain wallets to Minecraft accounts
Wager cryptocurrency on battle royale games
To play a round of battle royale all players who participate wager 10 $ZIL (~$1 USD). For every opponent you take out during the game you earn 5 $ZIL, last man standing earns 50% of the total pot of wagered tokens.
Collect and trade cosmetics via NFTs
By opening lootboxes players earn cosmetic NFTs which can be re-sold on the ZilliqaRoyale marketplace. All cosmetics have got their own rarity grade.

We will continue to add new content to ZilliqaRoyale based on it's popularity and hopefully soon implement support for other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.