Bridging BLOX over to Ethereum

28 September 2021
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BLOX-SDK is powered by the Zilliqa blockchain for a multitude of reasons; the low transaction fees, scalability and most importantly the community.

A downside to this is that it limits us in scale, involving other blockchains in the project such as Ethereum is hard without the token being available on other exchanges. Due to $BLOX being a ZRC-2 token it can only be listed on decentralized exchanges hosted on the Zilliqa blockchain and exchanges which support ZRC-2 tokens.

This all now changes with the release of the Zilliqa <> Ethereum bridge.

Swap Ethereum tokens to the Zilliqa network
Swap Zilliqa tokens to the Ethereum network
Since the bridge allows Ethereum tokens to be introduced to the Zilliqa ecosystem, the reverse is also possible. ZRC-2 tokens such as $BLOX can be converted over to the Ethereum side.

By swapping our traditional $BLOX tokens over from Zilliqa to Ethereum we can list $BLOX on other decentralized exchanges outside of the Zilliqa ecosystem. $BLOX will be made available at UNISWAP!

Apart from the benefits of exchange listings this update also means BLOX-SDK will get full multi-chain support, opening the project to a wider audience and developer base.

Once the bridge is live on the 30th of September and has had a couple days to stabilise we’ll be bringing $BLOX to Ethereum dexes as soon as possible! 🎉