Unity proof-of-concept development

19 September 2021
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The ZilliqaRoyale Minecraft testnet was successfully launched last week, which means we'll be preparing for mainnet release and slowly start focussing development on the BLOX Unity SDK. Just like ZilliqaRoyale, we will be developing the Unity SDK by creating a proof-of-concept.

There are a couple of ways to develop the proof-of-concept. We could choose to either develop a simple desktop application which has the ability to interact with the blockchain and tokenize items, which would be the most time efficient to create but also the least interesting.

To both help developers aspiring to use the BLOX-SDK and truly build something unique we have decided to create an actual game. In particular, a mobile clicker / idle game. Idle games can be defined using a couple characteristics;

Easy to understand
Rewards in currency
In clicker / idle games players are often rewarded in currencies such as virtual dollars, or in the best known clicker game 'cookie clicker' cookies. A comparable system to cryptocurrency staking / mining.
Shop / marketplace
Clicker / idle games often have marketplaces in which players can purchase upgrades or items which enhance and or speed up their in-game progress.

These characteristics fit well with the abilities our SDK should have allowing for item tokenization, token rewards and trade on marketplaces.

For the next couple of weeks we will be further working on the clicker / idle game concept and start making some big steps torwards the development of the Unity SDK.