BattleMechs roadmap update

22 February 2022
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Today is the day we've all been waiting for, BattleMechs has been launched on the Android Play Store! A couple weeks back we asked the BLOX community whether they'd prefer us to wait with releasing BattleMechs until all core-features had be implemented, or to host a pre-release allowing for the start of $GEMZ mining. The community voted for the latter, so that's what we did!

Having the first version of BattleMechs out and it currently only supporting mining may not sound like a big deal, though it truly is for BLOX as a project. As we've talked about a lot in the BLOX telegram group it is very hard for new projects to gain partners and investors when your product is still in early development. Now that we can collect data on our first app we've got numbers and statistics to share, which opens a ton of doors for both centralized exchanges and future partners.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done for BattleMechs to implement all core gameplay features. BattleMechs will receive regular updates for both $GEMZ tokenomics and new gameplay balancing. Let's quickly go over what we're currently working on and will be implementing in the next few weeks.

add cosmetic, consumable and rune rewards
implement NFT marketplace
The BattleMechs app will contain a built-in NFT marketplace on which players can sell their in-game items for GEMZ.
introduce player-vs-player battles
Players will be able to battle other mechs and earn additional rewards.
introduce player clans
Via the clans feature players can compete against other teams in massive tournaments.
enable GEMZ withdraws
GEMZ will be withdrawable from the game directly to your Zilliqa wallet.

Excited? We definitely are, keep an eye on our Twitter page for regular updates and release dates!