BattleMechs pre-sale

15 November 2021
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Battlemechs bg

Today on the 15th of November the pre-sale opened for the BattleMechs rewards and payment token 'Gemz'.

Gemz can be used to purchase cosmetics , runes and consumables on the BattleMechs in-game marketplace. Gemz does not have a maximum supply and can be both inflationary or deflationary depending on supply and demand via the in-game mechanics.

Via users can trade their Zilliqa tokens at a rate of 6.5 ZIL per 1 Gemz. A maximum of 5,000,000 Gemz can be bought during the pre-sale, if less are sold the remainder will be burned.

In addition to being a payment currency Gemz can also be used for in-game staking, earning players additional rewards.

After the token sale closes on the 19th of November 13:00 CEST a pool will be created on the decentralized exchange zilSwap of 200,000 ZIL <> 30,769 Gemz .